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As you know, Eric has been KETO for several years and has coached over 100 clients in the KETO lifestyle and over 100 LIFE IN KETOSIS weekly podcasts. Let his KETO expertise help you with numerous recipes and tips!

Check out breakfast, lunch, desert, dinner, snack and even dressings and sauce recipes or check out “Going KETO with Eric” where he discusses everything from carbs, protein, fat and KETO misconceptions.

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Recommended to be done at least 2 times per week as instructed for the next 2 weeks. Use the video movements above to learn each movement.  To start off just try to learn the correct movement and keep each function slow and concentrated.  This will start slow at first as you learn the movements. You must practice strict body mechanics engaging each muscle with consistent movement and keep it controlled.

Developing strict movements will benefit you as you progress into higher intensity workouts (TMT), thus your muscles will be adapt to the concentrated movement. As you learn the movement you can increase the pace of the workout. No Heart Rate monitor needed. Some good tunes will help! Have a great workout!

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Check our Eric’s latest challenge on his 64th birthday (Sally up, Sally Down) where he pushes his lactate limit!

Eric always trying to WALK THE WALK!

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