Biostak: A Fascinating Journey

As we all age, many of us feel that we have no choice but to accept certain medications for pain, discomfort and other ailments that the aging process throws our way. Unfortunately, most of us do not have any pre-warning signs of whats to come in our health spectrum as we journey through life.

Eric Bischof

Enter, Eric Bischof, Professional Trainer, Triathlete, Endurance Training Expert, Iron Man Athlete, Fitness Expert and founder of Biostak. There are many supplements on the market today that offer several positive aspects, but at the same time many offer negative aspects. It is such an overcrowded marketplace that the professional athlete, amateur athlete, avid fitness trainer or general human being who has no time to work out as needed, has no idea what is correct for them.


Many of the products on the market have been generically developed with no specific emphasis of who the true target audience is. This type of development has certain advantages, but given the differing groups of potential customers that exist, the final product has a type of overlapping effect wherein it’s beneficial for some and not for others. Eric’s Biostak is the only supplement on the market that has been developed for every human being on earth regardless of their lifestyle or fitness level and Eric sacrificed many years researching and testing it himself while developing Biostak.

Eric has always been an avid athlete and trainer, but the Biostak story really began in 2002. Plagued with excruciating knee pain from snowboarding led to two different torn medial meniscus needing arthroscopic surgery to repair. The doctors reported from surgery that 85% of Erics articular cartilage was gone- almost bone to bone!!  Knee replacement was inevitable.

Eric Bischof Training

So, Eric’s journey began His objective was to seek relief and reduce inflammation. In the beginning his concentration was on FISH OIL- OMEGA 6 FATTY ACIDS- AROCIDONIC ACID- EICOSNOIDS- PROTAGLANDINS- OMEGA 6-OMEGA 3 RATIO ETC… Eric was only concentrating on inflammation. The journey had not led him to Free Radicals/Oxidative Stress, yet.

In 2002, Eric took up running as a part of his fitness program. At age 47, he would run 5k races, with his knees still a major issue. By 2005 he was running marathons, but his knees were not holding up well. In 2006-7, Eric was introduced to Triathlons. He ran a couple of short distance Triathlons, with his knees still causing serious issues.

Eric Bischof

In 2008, and now age 52, Eric ran 2 Half Marathons and his first Half Ironman Race (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike & 13.1 mile run). Unfortunately, with only 4 miles from finishing, Eric ended up in an ambulance totally dehydrated. Determined and hooked on what he would later find he was genetically geared towards, Eric entered another Half Ironman, but this time he completed the competition. At age 53, Eric trained hard and completed one Sprint Triathlon. His knees were good at times, but there was still lots of pain and inflammation from his issues and arthritis.

Eric Bischof

Then, Eric had the crazy idea to complete the St. George Ironman, which consisted of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run. This was one of the toughest challenges Eric had ever presented himself with. So his training had begun. With his knees in severe pain, Eric visited Dr. Richard Parker, the Cleveland Cavaliers head physician. Still on his Omega 3’s and after his examination, Dr. Parker told Eric that he needed full knee replacement and that he would be crawling back to him within 3 years and definitely not on his hands and knees, but with his knees dragging. Eric raced in 2 Half Ironmans in preparation for his May full Ironman.

Now at age 55, the day had arrived for the Full Ironman. Unfortunately, it was not a good experience for Eric. With his knees giving out, stomach issues, freezing water and a weight loss of 11 pounds, Eric finished, but ended up in the emergency room with a possible heart attack with his trophinin level very high. Not happy with his first Full Ironman competition, what does Eric do? He signed up for the Louisville Kentucky Ironman, which would entail 10 months training at 23 hours per week. Even Eric wondered whether his knees would hold out.

Eric Bischof

In 94 degree heat and high humidity, racers were dropping one after another. But Eric learned from before. The heat was torture, but he remained hydrated and with rebelling knees, he competed the race. He felt that his knees were done after this. Over the next couple of years, Eric needed a break, so he ran more short distance Marathons and Triathlons. Little did he know it, but the journey towards Biostak had begun. His research had led him to Broccoli Sprouts (Sulphoraphane), more inflammation research, coaching and training others and an intense dive into researching nutrients, self experimentation, Ketosis and more Ironman training. He felt it was time to test Keto and fatty acids on energy.

Eric spent several years studying mitochondria, energy pathways, free radicals, cardio research, fasting and along with self experimentation and formula testing, Biostak was born. After years of self testing, biohacking and intense research Eric developed a formula of natural and organic ingredients that would benefit every human being on the cellular level.

Eric Bischof

At age 60, Eric trained and ran an Ironman with his daughter. Now at age 63 and with 2020 upon us, Eric’s knees are feeling great, but 2 full knee replacements have been recommended. He is back to trail runs, hill bike climbing and his wattage & speed are up. Training and new races are on the horizon and Eric has developed a new Biostak for energy production during workouts, training and athletic performances, again all natural and organic. His research and passion has led him to mastering NRF2 and free radical control along with assisting Biostak users with their individual mutations and the importance of their NRF2 Pathways.

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